Friday, 16 June 2017

Woman chains herself in bedroom for 3 weeks to kick smoking addiction

A woman of Australia, who was unable to kick the addiction to smoking cigarettes, decided to chain himself up in her bedroom for several weeks in order kick the bad habit. 34-year-old Krystel of Queensland, said that she has tried kicking the habit of smoking many times, but was always unsuccessful. Krystel, a mother of several children, has been smoking cigarettes for the past 20 years. Recently, after a suspicious pap smear, Krystel decided to once and for all stop smoking. She chained herself up in her bedroom, and could only reach food, a microwave, and a bathroom. She was also allowed to get some fresh air, but was nowhere near cigarettes.

Krystel decided to remain chained for three weeks, in order to conquer the biggest hurdle of quitting smoking. Her friends and family are very supportive, and they regularly stop by her home to bring fresh food. So far, Krystel’s stunt worked, as she only had one cigarette during her entire time of being chained in her bedroom. Krystel admitted that she currently feels heavy like a hammer, and is waiting to get over the nicotine urge.

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