Monday, 19 June 2017

Kindergarten employee intentionally sets school on fire twice while children were in class

A woman who was not happy with her job, set fire to a kindergarten twice, putting the lives of little children in danger, according to police in Japan. Osaka police said that they have arrested the kindergarten employee, who was not identified, after setting fire to the building that housed the young school children. The woman is facing numerous charges, including arson and child endangerment. According to the police investigation, the two fires broke out at the Ikusei Kindergarten. Investigators determined that the fires were intentionally set.
In the first incident, the suspect, who did not like her job at the kindergarten, set fire to cardboard boxes stored on the second floor of the facility. Several teachers were on duty at the time, but nobody was hurt. Firefighters quickly contained the fire with minimal damage. In another incident, the suspect set fire to clothing stored on the third floor of the kindergarten. The teachers managed to evacuate all the children quickly, and nobody was hurt.
Firefighters arrived at the scene and put out the fire.

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