Monday, 19 June 2017

Dog becomes star attraction when it interrupts soccer game for 7 minutes

Dogs interrupting sporting events has a beloved place on the internet, but this playful pooch may have outdone them all. Viral video shows an agile beagle avoiding the grasp of players, officials and fans for about 7 minutes during Saturday’s British soccer match between Skelmersdale United and host Halesowen Town, the Sun reports. These two clubs play several rungs below the Premier League, but our four-legged interloper provides championship-level entertainment.
The dog’s reported owners, Halesowen player Asa Charlton and his family, joined in the efforts to coax their rogue pet off the field, but it was a few minutes before the dog finally exited, according to the Daily Mail.
“It was probably my worst nightmare, my wife, mother and daughter running about on the pitch of my match,” Charlton told the site. Watching the full vid with amused announcers providing the play by play of Dusty the beagle’s pitch invasion is even funnier.
Watch the video after the cut

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