Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Burglars get life in prison after pouring boiling water on elderly couple so they hand over code to safe

An elderly couple of the United Kingdom, suffered horrific injuries at the hands of barbaric thieves.  The two robbers who tied a married couple and poured boiling water over their heads, received three life sentences. 33-year-old Daniel Wallace and 34-year-old Kacey Adams broke into the couple’s home and tortured them for nearly two hours.  66-year-old John Buswell was watching television and his wife Janis, 64, was knitting when the robbers broke into their home. The men used cables to tie the couple and subjected them to torture as they demand codes for their safes, prosecutor Tracy Ayling QC said. The two robbers tied the married couple and poured boiling water over their heads.
The Chelmsford Crown Court heard how the two suspects also threatened to sever the woman's fingers and gouge her eye out.  Her husband was repeatedly punched in the face and he was threatened to have his ears cut off.  The robbers stole around £50,000 (about $63,000). The men then traveled to Dubai, UAE, where they went on a spending spree. They were arrested went they returned with more than £18,000 ($22,000) of luxury goods in their luggage. Video of the arrest shows officers boarding their flight and removing them in handcuffs.  Both men had previously been found guilty of conspiracy to murder after a man was shot in the face. Luckily, the man survived.
Both pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and causing serious bodily harm with intent, and they were sentenced to life in prison.  Now, the judge added two more life sentences so they are never freed from prison.  Judge Charles Gratwicke described both men as “highly dangerous, ruthless professional criminals prepared to use serious violence,” to get what they want.


  1. they will be spending the money in jail

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