Sunday, 31 July 2016

Couple celebrating 22 years together share tips for keeping the romance alive!

Here are 11 ways we’ve kept our own love story alive after 22 years and two kids:

1. Never go to the bathroom with the door open.

2. Don’t use being tired as a repeat excuse to not connect.
Nothing is more rejuvenating, after all, than making love.

3. Take care of ourselves.
A healthy partnership is made of two healthy people. Always remember the importance of self-care.

4. Don’t rehash the past.
By all means, work through issues that need to be worked through, but bringing up past arguments during current ones should be a definite no.

What holidaying in France looks like

In the wake of recent terror attacks, seeing armed police patrolling the beaches in St Tropez, France is now a norm as security is ramped up. Patrols of officers carrying rifles were seeing walking between sun-worshippers at the popular southern French resort just days after Cannes had banned all bags big enough to conceal a weapon. French authorities are taking the extreme measures amid fears that the nation could be hit with further terror attacks. The latest attack to shock France took place last week when ISIS knifemen stormed a church in Normandy before slitting the throat of an elderly priest.
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See what happened when a driver swerved quickly in response to a GPS

Police in Vermont say a car ended up almost vertical when the driver swerved quickly in response to her GPS ordering her to "turn around." The car was suspended almost vertically on guy wires attached to a utility pole in Mendon on Wednesday night. Police say 30-year-old Nabila Altahan of Dorchester, Massachusetts, was headed west on U.S. Route 4 when she passed her intended destination and the GPS gave sudden directions to turn around. Police say Altahan reacted quickly to the instructions, leaving the road at a significant enough speed to propel the vehicle up the wires. Neither Altahan nor her passenger was injured, FoxNews reports.

Medical plane crashes killing family members on-board

A medical transport plane crashed in northern California killing all four people on-board Friday. Around 12:30 a.m. local time Friday, the Piper Cheyenne aircraft containing three crew members and one patient departed from airport in Crescent City, California -- about 20 miles south of Oregon. The plane, which is part of Cal-Ore Life Flight's fleet, was headed for Oakland International Airport, located about 400 miles south. The victims of a small plane crash has been identified four family members.  Family and friends identified the pilot as Daniel Kruetzfeldt; his wife, Kristin Kruetzfeldt; his mother, Mary Chandler; and his stepfather, Claude Chandler, the Modesto Bee reported Friday. Daniel Kruetzfeldt was trying to land a 1958 Cessna 310B at a small airport Wednesday when it veered off the runway, into vegetation and caught fire.
The plane crashed in a rural, mountainous area, so no one on the ground was hurt, said Hanson.
"This is one of the saddest moments in our history," said Cal-Ore Flight in a statement. "First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the patient and our crew members."

Arese emerges winner of ‘The Voice Nigeria’ season I

The season 1 of Voice Nigeria has hit its grand climax with 28-year-old stage actress, Agharese Emokpae popularly known as A’rese emerging the winner. A’rese comes from a creative family. She has been doing music theatre ever since she graduated from Washington and Lee University in 2010. She has starred in various musicals and theatre productions in both Nigeria and The United States.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Indian couple hacked to death by grocer they owed 22 cents

A man was beheaded and his wife hacked to death after a disagreement with a grocer, according to authorities in India. The killings took place in the Mainpuri district of the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh Thursday, following an argument earlier that day. The couple, who belonged to the lowest rung of India's caste hierarchy, had owed upper-caste shopkeeper Ashok Mishra 15 rupees (22 U.S. cents) but said they were unable to pay back the money, authorities said.
According to police, eyewitnesses said the couple, who were referred to as Bharat and Mamta, had told Mishra they would pay back their debt at the end of the day, once they had received their wages as laborers. After a heated argument about 6 a.m. local time, as the couple headed to work in nearby fields, police say Mishra went home, grabbed an ax, and attacked the couple. Both died.

Restaurant owner forced to eat the cockroach a customer found in his food

A diner at a restaurant in China forced the establishment's owner to eat a cockroach after he found the insect in his food. The man ordered a plate of fried noodles from the restaurant on July 25 in Changsha, Hunan province, and claimed he discovered the insect in his meal. According to People's Daily Online, at that point, the customer gave the restaurant owner an ultimatum, either they eat the cockroach or cough up 5,000 yuan (£569). The shopkeeper, instantly eat the cockroach and refused to cough up the cash. However the man still kept asking the woman for money, demanding that she pay him some kind of compensation for his bad experience. The woman refused.

Friday, 29 July 2016

7-year-old boy arraigned for murder

The police in Enugu, Nigeria on Friday arraigned a seven-year-old boy, Chibuike Miracle Oramalu, before a magistrate court, for alleged murder. Chibuike, a primary two pupil in a nursery and primary school, had on May 29, accidentally fired a gun, which killed 12-year-old Oluebube Boniface. The gun belonged to Mr. Edwin Oforma, who employed Chibuike’s mother as a cleaner and housekeeper in his house. Chibuike accidentally fired the shot after discovering the gun in Oforma’s room while making the bed, as he was instructed by Chukwunanu, Oforma’s son. Following the incident, the boy was initially detained by the police from May 30 till July 13, when he was released.
Although Chibuike’s mother, Mrs Nwakaego Oramalu, and her lawyer, Mr. Olu Omotayo, of the Civil Rights Realisation and Advancement Network, had raised the alarm over the little boy’s detention, the Enugu State Police Command claimed he was in “protective custody”.
However, about two weeks after his release, Chibuike was on Friday arraigned, before an Enugu magistrate court over alleged conspiracy and murder. The owner of the gun which Chibuike accidentally fired, Oforma, was arraigned alongside the seven-year-old boy before Magistrate Hillary Asogwa. In the charge sheet, which was obtained by our correspondent, Chibuike and Oforma were, in count one, accused of conspiring among themselves to commit murder.

Source: Punch

He is just 4 years old!

Four-year-old Bayezid Hossain has been born with an incredibly rare condition that has left him looking like an 80-year-old man. Bayezid, from outside Magura in southern Bangladesh, also has difficulties passing urine and already has weak and broken teeth. Children in his village, where he is affectionately referred to as 'old man,' were afraid to play with him at first - even though his father says he is much smarter than others the same age. His devastated parents have been told Bayezid is unlikely to live past the age of 15 due to rare condition Progeria and Cutis Laxa. His 18-year-old mother, Tripti Khatun, who was only aged 14 when she gave birth to him, is amazed at her son’s mental abilities but is devastated when she looks at him - even saying he "looked like an alien" when he was born.
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The 10-year-old Indian boy who is addicted to dog milk

Meet Mohit Kumar, a 10-year-old boy from Manaitand, India, who has been feasting on dog milk ever since he was four. His parents are desperate to get him to stop sucking the milk of stray bitches in their town, but so far they’ve been unable to find a way. Mohit was weaned at two years, but at the age of four he developed a rather strange habit – sucking the milk of stray bitches. “Once Mohit was playing with stray dogs outside and happened to suck on the breasts of a bitch. Since then he does the same whenever he gets a chance to do so,” his mother Pinky says. “Bitches of the area have also taken a liking to him and feed him whenever Mohit wants them to.” His worried parents don’t even allow the boy to go outside without supervision, for fear that he will seek out stray bitches to get his milk fix, but he sometimes gives them the slip. “We do not even allow him to go to school fearing that this habit may only get worse,” Pinky adds.
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Bill Cosby drops lawsuit against woman accusing him of sexual assault

Comedian Bill Cosby on Thursday dropped the remaining counts of a lawsuit he filed against one of the women accusing him of sexual assault, along with several others, claiming they violated the terms of a confidential settlement in another lawsuit. The dismissal comes 10 days after U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno ruled that Cosby could not sue Andrea Constand, her mother, Gianna Constand, or her attorneys, Dolores Troiani and Bebe Kivitz, for speaking to investigators about her accusations. Cosby filed the suit in February, accusing the Constands, the lawyers and American Media Inc., publisher of the National Enquirer, of violating the terms of a 2006 confidential settlement.

David Oyelowo creates scholarship for Nigerian girls

David Oyelowo isn’t just a successful actor, he’s a humanitarian, too. To that end, the “Selma” actor created a scholarship which aims to ensure that young Nigerian girls have the necessary tools to excel in society. In partnership with the LA-based nonprofit organization, GEANCO, the David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship for Girls will specifically support female victims of terror attacks and gender-based inequality. Oyelowo told The Huffington Post that his scholarship was inspired by Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, and that he was propelled to action following the 2014 abduction of 276 schoolgirls in Chibok, northeast Nigeria.
“For me, being of Nigerian descent myself, being a father to a daughter, I just feel so drawn to this particular group of girls in Nigeria who have been disenfranchised, who have been attacked, and having their very basic rights stolen from them,” Oyelowo said during an interview with The Huffington Post. “And so, forming this partnership to start this scholarship that is going to have actual direct impact to girls who have been displaced through these acts of terror, is something that was kind of a no brainer for me, because I’ve been looking for places to be effective rather than just be angry about some of the injustices that I see in the world.”

Bikini-clad off-duty Swedish police officer seen arresting a pickpocket


An off-duty Swedish police officer arrested a pickpocket who approached her as she was sunbathing with a group of friends. Mikaela Kellner, who has served as a police officer for 11 years, shared a photo of herself apprehending the man while wearing only a bikini at Ralambshovsparken in Stockholm. She told The Local that she and her friends were approached by a man who claimed to be selling magazines for homeless people and suspected something was wrong when he lingered for an extended period of time before leaving.
"I told my friends to keep an eye on their things. But as soon as he left one of my friends said 'where did my mobile phone go,'" she said.

Microsoft to cut about 3,000 more jobs

Microsoft Corp said it would cut about 2,850 more jobs over the next 12 months, effectively completing its plan to reduce its workforce by 18,000, or 14 percent of total staff, announced in July. The majority of the 18,000 job cuts were in the phone handset business Microsoft acquired from Nokia earlier this year.
“We’ve taken another step that will complete almost all the 18,000 reductions announced in July,” said a Microsoft spokesman. “The reductions happening today are spread across many different business units and many different countries.”
He said 638 of Wednesday’s cuts were in Microsoft’s home state of Washington, where it has its Redmond headquarters. Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, will have about 110,000 employees once the job reductions are completed. It took a charge of $1.1 billion in its latest quarterly earnings report for the restructuring and integration of the Nokia phone operation and associated job cuts.

UPDATE: HIV-infected man hired to have sex with children in Malawi arrested

Eric Aniva, the Malawian known as the “hyena man” who gets paid to have sex with underage girls and widows (You can read the story here), has been arrested. Aniva, who is from the Nsanje district of southern Malawi, is paid from $4 to $7 (£3 to £5) for each sexual intercourse. While the elders of the village believe the act is “sexual cleansing”, HIV positive Aniva has now been arrested on the orders of Peter Mutharika, Malawi’s president.

In a statement, the Malawi president’s office, said: “All people involved in this malpractice should be held accountable for subjecting their children and and women to this despicable evil.

Widow takes dead husband on road trip for days

Picture for illustration
An American woman took her dead husband’s body on road trip in Alaska, using ice from local canneries to keep the corpse cold, police have said. Officers responded to a call last week to find the body of a 78-year-old man inside an aluminum transport casket. Ketchikan police chief Alan Bengaard told the Ketchikan Daily News that during the journey, which took place over several days, the woman stopped at canneries for ice to put in the truck bed during the “rolling wake.” Bengaard told the Juneau Empire that the body was supposed to be en route to the mortuary, but “for some reason she decided to not go directly to the mortuary and had been driving around with him for a couple days.”

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Teacher blames school for allowing her to sexually exploit a student

Mary Beth Haglin

A teacher of Iowa, is not taking responsibility for sexually abusing a student. Instead, she blames the school for knowingly allowing her to have an ongoing relationship with the student. The substitute teacher told police that the school is to blame for “turning a blind eye” after learning about her affair with the 17-year-old boy. 24-year-old Mary Beth Haglin of Cedar Rapids, said that she was allowed to continue teaching at the Washington High School for one month, after administrators found out about the sexual assault.
She claims that the school officials never called police and they even allowed her to work at other schools after she and the boy admitted to having sex. Haglin is accused of frequently having sex with the boy throughout the school year. Prosecutors did not consider her defense, and she was charged with sexual exploitation.

Is this the world’s largest dog?

A Great Dane measuring more than an astonishing 4 FEET is in the running to be a world record dog. Major, the three-year-old pooch who towers over his owners, is awaiting the judgement from Guinness World Records , due next month. Owners Brian and Julie Williams live with the humongous hound  in South Wales. The dog who turns four in September, will be up against fellow Great Danes Freddy from Southend in Essex, and Rocco, from Nevada in the US - so he's guaranteed a top-three finish,Walesonline reports.
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57 Malawian kids rescued from child traffickers in South Africa

Fifty seven Malawian children have been rescued in South Africa by what the authorities believe was a group of child traffickers.  Three Malawian nationals were arrested in North West province, when the police stopped their vehicle which was speeding.  The children were found in the back of the windowless delivery van. Members of the South African Police Service stationed in Boitekong North West Province were busy with their routine patrol duties when they stopped the suspicious truck driving at high speed in the early hours of Sunday, the 24th July 2016.

Woman caught on camera and arrested after dumping her newborn baby inside plastic bag

A woman has been arrested for allegedly dumping her two-hour-old newborn baby inside a plastic bag and leaving the tot to die.
The 20-year-old mother is thought to have been uncertain about who the child’s father was and decided to abandon it because she did not have a stable income. The abandoned pink plastic bag was reportedly spotted in Wangjiaoqiao village, south-west China, by locals who were shocked to find the newborn inside. The child, whose gender was not reported, was rushed to hospital by police for emergency treatment. It is not clear when the incident happened, the Daily Mirror reports.  But doctors could not save the baby’s life despite four hours of desperate attempts to revive the tot.
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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Study shows cockroach milk could someday replace diary milk

While the sight of a cockroach is sure to turn stomachs, milk protein crystals found inside the creatures can serve as healthy protein supplements for humans, scientists said. A team of scientists from the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem) in Bangalore, India, recently unravelled the structure of milk protein crystal from the guts of a cockroach species called Diploptera punctata, the only known roach species to give birth to live young, the Times of India reports. The species lives along Asia’s Pacific rim.

Bomb blast hits Syrian city of Qamishli killing 50 and wounding many

Two explosions have struck a predominantly Kurdish town in northern Syria, killing at least 50 people and wounding dozens. Syrian state TV said a truck loaded with explosions blew up on the western edge of the town of Qamishli, near the Turkish border, on Wednesday. Minutes later, a motorcycle packed with explosions blew up in the same area. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the explosion targeted a centre of the local Kurdish police and a nearby government building. ISIL has carried out several bombings in Kurdish areas in Syria in the past.

21-year-old male with massive hips!

Micah is being tagged the man with the biggest natural hips and bum on Instagram.
21 year old Micah took the internet by storm in 2015 with his massive hips. He recently got the attention again when he released  photos from a shoot with Jersey magazine. Micah who is an aspiring singer says his measurements are – chest: 41.5″ waist: 37″ and hips: 63″
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PG 18+: New dating show ‘Naked Attraction’ causes viewers outrage

Naked Attraction, a new dating show that's just aired its first episode on the UK's Channel 4, left most viewers shocked, sparking a social media frenzy. The show sees people picking prospective dates based on their physical appearance. The show also showed full nudity with no censoring. Thousands of viewers complained on Twitter and media guardians branded it the ‘worst programme ever shown on TV’.
A spokesman for MediaWatch UK said:
‘This has to be the worst programme ever shown on television, there is nothing to recommend it.
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Wannabe rapper shoots himself in the face in order to get famous

Wannabe hip hop artist Kasper Knight posted the horrifying footage on Facebook , seemingly in the hope the clip would go viral . It shows the foolhardy filmmaker press a gun against his cheek and pull the trigger without hesitation, blowing a hole into the side of his face.
Holding his cheek, Knight looks at himself in the camera as blood pours out of his mouth.
He says: "I don't give a f*** about nothing anymore."
Posting the video on Facebook, Knight explained that he originally wanted to perform the stunt for a music video, but no cameraman would film it.
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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

At least 20 people injured as tornado hits Johannesburg

At least 20 people were injured in a tornado that battered the City of Ekurhuleni on the East Rand, Johannesburg on Tuesday afternoon. Various units dispersed to respond to emergencies  have identified damages at a hospital‚ a mall and a garage. Ekurhuleni metro police spokesperson Captain Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago said that a “very strong tornado” passed through Tembisa at 4pm on Tuesday afternoon and that three places were affected – Phumulani Mall in Winnie Mandela section‚ Tembisa Hospital and a Total garage‚ both in Hospital View. The Gauteng Health Department said that about 20 people injured at the Phumulani Mall had been transferred to the Tembisa hospital.

Comedian ordered to pay $42,000 for making fun of disabled singer with facial deformity

Mike Ward (right) and Jeremy Gabriel (left)
A comedian was ordered to pay thousands of dollars to a disabled singer after suffering bullying following a show, according to court documents in Canada. The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal has ordered Mike Ward to pay $42,000 after making fun of 19-year-old Jeremy Gabriel. Ward was ordered to give Gabriel $25,000 in moral damages and $10,000 in punitive damages. The court also required Ward to pay an additional $5,000 for moral damages and $2,000 for punitive damages to the singer’s mother, Sylvie Gabriel.

Pastor arrested for chaining 9-year-old son accused of stealing

Korede (left) and his dad (right)

The Ogun State Police Command, Nigeria has arrested the fleeing pastor who chained his son for over a month. Pastor Francis Taiwo had chained his son, Korede Taiwo, in a room inside the Key of Joy Celestial Church of Christ, Ajibawo, in Ado Odo/Ota Local Government Area of the state. A team of the police operatives from Onipanu Division of the command and the Nigeria ‎Security and Civil Defence Corps, Ota had rescued the victim on Friday. The NSCDC operatives had gone on surveillance of petroleum pipeline in Ajibawo when neighbours of the pastor informed them about the boy’s ordeal. They swung into action and arrested Korede’s step mother, Kehinde, who told the police that the father had chained the victim for stealing. The state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said Francis was arrested Sunday with the help of the members of the Celestial Church of Christ, Ota.

Motorists and residents advised to exercise caution as floods hits Durban, SA

              Cato Manor,  Durban       (C)Twitter
Heavy rains and floods have been reported around Durban after the city has been experiencing extreme rainfall.  The Road Traffic Inspectorate says officers are out in their numbers in the province with heavy rain causing havoc on the roads. In one incident, a man (49) died after he was crushed by a retaining wall that collapsed at his house in Westville. As heavy downpours persist, the SA Weather Service says the cold rainy and snowy conditions are expected to go on until Wednesday in most parts of the province.
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Monday, 25 July 2016

Russian spies banished to Siberia after publicly showing their faces during graduation

Dozens of high-flying trainee Russian spies have been banished to the Siberian wilderness after taking part in 'indecent' graduation that compromised their identities. The newly minted agents hired dozens of black Mercedes jeeps which they drove through the Russian capital's streets last month, blocking traffic, honking their horns, and hanging out the windows filming each other on their mobile phones. They also organised a group photograph, which showed some of the young men clutching champagne flutes. The photograph found its way onto the internet along with video footage of the convoy.

Knife-wielding man kills at least 19 dead and leaves dozens injured in Japan

At least 19 people were killed, and 20 injured when a knife-wielding man went on a rampage early Tuesday at a facility for the disabled in the Japanese city of Sagmihara. The Sagamihara City fire department told the Associated Press that 19 people are confirmed dead in the attack. The fire department said a doctor or doctor on the scene confirmed the deaths around 8 a.m. local time. Police told Japanese broadcaster NHK they received a call from an employee of the facility, located west of Tokyo, just after 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, who said a man carrying a knife broke into the building. The man later turned himself in at a police station.

China unveils world’s largest seaplane.

The world’s largest seaplane rolled off a production line in China at the weekend, beefing up the country’s strategic reach to islands it claims in the South China Sea. While not ruling out military uses, state news agency Xinhua said the amphibious aircraft, which is the size of Boeing 737, would be deployed to “fight forest fires and perform marine rescue missions”. State-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China, which designed and produced the seaplane, had 17 orders so far, Xinhua added, noting that the aircraft would be “very useful in developing and exploiting marine resources”.

Verizon buys Yahoo for $4.8 billion

Verizon announced on Monday morning it will buy Yahoo for $4.83 billion in cash. It is the end of a closely-scrutinized, six-month sale process. Yahoo first put itself up for sale in February and it fielded multiple bids from many different types of buyers—supposedly as many as 40 at one point. Those included AT&T; Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert with financial backing from Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett; and private equity firms TPG and Vector Capital Management. According to Re/code, Yahoo informed the other bidders on Saturday that Verizon had won the process.
“Yahoo is a company that has changed the world, and will continue to do so through this combination with Verizon and AOL,” said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in a press release. “The sale of our operating business, which effectively separates our Asian asset equity stakes, is an important step in our plan to unlock shareholder value for Yahoo. This transaction also sets up a great opportunity for Yahoo to build further distribution and accelerate our work in mobile, video, native advertising and social.”

Graphic pics: Woman kills her two children in Guinea Bissau

The woman pictured above and identified as Mariam Djelo Diallo of Conakry in Guinea Bissau, reportedly slit her two children's throat at her home in Bissau Plak1 District last night. The police are yet to unravel the reason behind her action. Preliminary investigations by the police say she is mentally unstable. Photo of the dead children after the cut.
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Some spectacular bridges!

  Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Bridge

Mexican mayors killed in different parts of the country

Two Mexican mayors and a vice mayor were killed in different parts of the country on Saturday, according to Mexican officials. Ambrosio Soto Duarte, mayor of Pungarabato, a small town in Guerrero, was killed in neighboring Michoacan state, Hector Astudillo Flores, the governor of Guerrero, said in a news conference Sunday. Duarte was riding on a freeway when two pickup trucks stopped his car, Flores said. A shootout ensued, killing Duarte and a suspect and injuring two police officers in Duarte's security detail. Duarte had received death threats, prompting him to request security for himself and his family beginning in January, said Flores.

Reports says thousands of Turkey coup prisoners 'raped, starved and hogtied'

Turkish troops imprisoned after the failed military coup are being raped, starved and left without water for days, it is claimed. Many of the 10,000 detainees are locked up in horses’ stables and sports halls - some hogtied in horrific stress positions, according to human rights campaigners. Amnesty International has called for immediate access to prisoners after the coup a week ago which sparked a brutal crackdown and a three-month state of emergency. More than 200 died in the uprising which aimed to topple dictatorial President Recep Erdogan - and 1,500 were injured. Amnesty says it has ‘credible evidence’ Turkish police are holding detainees in stress positions for up to 48 hours, denying them food, water and medical treatment and in the worst cases some have been subjected to severe beatings and torture, including rape.

Afghan president vows revenge on Isil after deadliest attack in capital

Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has vowed revenge against Islamic State after the terror group’s first attack in the capital, reigniting concerns about its growing influence in the country. Saturday’s bombing at a peaceful march in Kabul by members of the ethnic Hazara community, who are predominantly Shia Muslim, left more than 80 dead and 230 injured. An Afghan intelligence agency claimed an Isil commander named Abo Ali had sent three bombers from Nangarhar province to carry out the attack. Two suicide bombers had attempted to target the demonstrators, but one of them was shot by police before he could detonate his explosives.

China: Floods kill 78, 91 missing, 400,000 evacuated

At least 78 people were killed and another 91 were missing across China after a round of torrential rains swept through the country last week, flooding streams, triggering landslides and destroying houses. The Ministry of Civil Affairs said late on Friday that more than 400,000 people had been evacuated. The northern province of Hebei is the worst-hit with 36 people dead and another 77 missing. In the Hebei town of Xingtai alone, nine people were killed and 11 unaccounted for.

Bride to be exclaims: 'My legs won't stop growing'!

A bride-to-be is undergoing gruelling treatment to decrease her 4ft-wide legs. Katia Page, 36, suffers with Lipoedema - a chronic disorder that causes fatty tissue to accumulate in mass around the lower body. Miss Page, from New Jersey, U.S., has started a series of liposuction sessions to prevent her legs from growing further.
She said: 'Before I had any surgeries, my legs were like 50 to 54 inches.'
Early signs from Miss Page's treatment show positive results with the swelling in her legs gradually decreasing. But Doctor Lizzie Gottsegen, who is managing Miss Page's progress, knows her patient still has a long way to go. She said: 'There are not many therapists or doctors for that matter that are even aware of this disease.
'If Katia has no surgery, if she had no bandaging, if she had no will to move - Katia would be dead very soon.'

Chris Froome wins the 2016 Tour de France

Chris Froome celebrating his victory

Chris Froome secured a third Tour de France title Sunday after crossing the finish line in Paris alongside the Team Sky teammates who have helped propel him to victory. The British rider, who previously won the punishing cycling race in 2013 and 2015, came to dominate the 2016 Tour, finishing more than four minutes ahead of Romain Bardet of AG2R La Mondiale in second place and Team Movistar's Nairo Quintana in third.
Although final stage victory went to Andre Greipel of Lotto Soudal, it was Froome whose cumulative time of 89 hours, six minutes and 48 seconds over 21 grueling stages ensured he would be the last man atop the podium on the Champs Elysee.

Suicide bomb in Ansbach, Germany kills one and injures 12

An explosion in the southern German city of Ansbach was a suicide attack, according to the region's interior minister. The bomber died in the blast. The 27-year-old killed himself and injured 12 others, three of them seriously, when he detonated an explosive device near a bar in central Ansbach on Sunday evening. Around 2,500 people were evacuated from a nearby open-air music event where the attacker, who had been in Germany for more than a year, tried to gain entry. He had been denied entry into the event due to the lack of a ticket, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said during a news conference early Monday.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Woman who miraculously survives crash describes her ordeal

A teacher has told how she cheated death when her car was horrifically crushed beyond recognition between two lorries. Katie Holt’s VW Golf was mangled into such a small space that the emergency services didn’t realise it was there at first – let alone there was a survivor trapped inside. The 39-year-old was cut from the wreckage and airlifted to hospital where she was treated for skull and back fractures and a broken left arm. She spent ten days in hospital before returning home and it took around two months for her to get her memory back and learn to walk. The driver of the skip hire truck which hit Katie pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and got six penalty points. Katie, who has just become a mum for the first time, has now received an undisclosed settlement from the insurers of the skip company after bosses admitted liability.

Mother found with eight dead newborn babies charged with killing four of them

 Andrea Goeppner has been charged with four of the murders

A woman on trial in one of Germany's worst infanticide cases, involving eight dead babies, confessed to killing several of them but said she could not remember how many. Andrea Goeppner, 45, was charged with four of the murders after thebabies' remains were found wrapped in towels and plastic bags last year in a case that revulsed the country. Asked how many of the eight she confessed to killing, her defence lawyer Till Wagler said, "it could have been two, three or four".
Prosecutors were unable to pursue murder charges for the other four infants, as one was found to have been stillborn and three were so badly decomposed that it was unclear whether they were viable at birth. The grisly remains were uncovered last year in Goeppner's apartmentin the Bavarian small town of Wallenfels. The woman's estranged husband, Johann Goeppner, 55, is charged with complicity for failing to stop the killings, which took place between 2003 and 2013.

Woman had a great solution to the office thief who kept stealing her milk

An unidentified woman known only as Phantom0591 posted a picture of her note on Reddit after someone in her office kept stealing her milk. She then devised a means to make it stop by claiming it was breast-milk. She wrote

Good morning, To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week... Surprise!!! "You've been drinking my breast milk. Hope you've enjoyed - cheers!"

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Pastor caught sleeping with married woman publicly disgraced

A popular prophet based in Asaba, Delta State capital in Nigeria named Prophet Obi O. Obi was caught sleeping with a married woman and was beaten, stripped naked and asked to parade the streets. Prophet Obi, we gathered was in Agbor before relocating to Asaba where he opened his church, Anchor of Restoration International Ministry located opposite Infant Jesus School Gate, Anwai Road, Asaba. He was disgraced and made to carry his church banner while being paraded in Asaba Delta state. I wonder where the woman was though???
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Friday, 22 July 2016

Munich gunman kills 9, leaving many injured

A gunman opened fire outside a shopping mall in Munich late on Friday afternoon, killing nine people, wounding 21 and sending Germany’s third-largest city into lockdown as the police scrambled to find what they initially thought were as many as three assailants. By early Saturday, the authorities said the attack was probably the work of a single gunman, an 18-year-old German of Iranian descent who they said held both German and Iranian citizenship.
The body of the presumed gunman, whose name was not immediately made public, was found less than a mile from the mall with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, officials said. During a news conference early Saturday, Hubertus Andrä, the chief of the Munich police, said it was unclear what had motivated the assailant, who lived in the city for more than two years and had no police record. He said the authorities were not certain that the rampage was a terrorist attack. Three of the wounded were in critical condition, officials said.

Sam Allardyce, the new England manager

The 61-year-old signed an initial two-year deal after compensation was agreed with Sunderland, whom he steered to Premier League safety last season. He succeeds Roy Hodgson, who quit after England were knocked out of Euro 2016 in the last 16 by Iceland. Allardyce, whose first game in charge will be a friendly at Wembley on 1 September against as yet unnamed opponents, said he was "honoured".
He added: "It is no secret that this is the role I have always wanted. For me, it is absolutely the best job in English football.
"I will do everything I can to help England do well and give our nation the success our fans deserve. Above all, we have to make the people and the whole country proud."

Thousands march in Jerusalem Gay Pride under police guard

Thousands of revellers attended Jerusalem's Gay Pride parade under heavy police protection on Thursday, a year after an ultra-Orthodox Jew killed a teenager at the march. Marchers carried rainbow flags emblazoned with the Star of David and a group banged drums as they walked. Many laid flowers under a picture of Shira Banki, 16, who was killed at the march in July last year. Israeli media said a record 25 000 people took part in the parade, up from an estimated 5 000 last year. They were escorted by over 2 000 police officers who blocked off roads and set up checkpoints around the areas the march passed through.

HIV-infected man hired to have sex with children in Malawi

In some remote southern regions of Malawi, it's traditional for girls to be made to have sex with a paid sex worker known as a "hyena" once they reach puberty. The act is not seen by village elders as rape, but as a form of ritual "cleansing".
A HIV-infected man in his 40s has told how he makes a living by being paid to have sex with children. Eric Aniva, who would not reveal his exact age, lives in the Nsanje district of southern Malawi where he works a sex worker.His work - known as a "hyena" - is embedded into the sacred traditions of his village. There, young women are regularly "cleansed" by having sex with a hyena, sometimes as punishment for an offense such as having an abortion.