Sunday, 31 January 2016

Woman claims to be a ‘cat’ trapped in a woman’s body

A 20-year-old Norwegian woman, named Nano, is claiming that she is actually a cat trapped in a woman’s body, and that the fact that she has a human body is a “genetic defect.” She said she has been a cat all her life and just realized it when she was 16 years old, and has adopted feline mannerisms since. Because Nano believes that her true identity is as a feline, she sees no choice but to live her life as one, even wearing cat ears, a tail, and fluffy pink paws that she grooms herself with in order to express her true self. Nano claimed to have feline characteristics such as superior hearing, better night vision than day vision, the urge to hunt mice (although she’s never actually caught one), and a fear of water.

Novak Djokovic wins sixth Australian Open title


Novak Djokovic is Australian Open champion for the sixth time, equalling Roy Emerson’s record. It was Djokovic’s fourth win over Murray in the final of these championships , and his 11th in their past 12 matches. Djokovic now has 11 majors, and should overtake Rafael Nadal’s 14 within a year or so, then set about passing Roger Federer’s 17.
Murray, meanwhile, has racked up five losing finals at the same slam, an Open Era record he will not be shouting about – although, as he says, he has done well to reach those finals, the first of which came against Federer in 2010. Murray raised a laugh when he said courtside: “I feel like I’ve been here before. Congratulations Novak, six Australian Opens, an incredible feat, and incredible consistency the last year.

Teenager creates waterproof and fireproof sleeping bags for the homeless

15-year-old Emily Duffy

15-year-old Emily Duffy has invented life-saving sleeping bags for the homeless that are waterproof, easy to see and practical. She came up with the idea after fundraising for the homeless. She spent a day living rough on the streets to raise cash for homeless shelters in her hometown of Limerick, Dublin. The ingenious sleeping bags are lined with a thick layer of fireproof bubble wrap that not only protects from flames but also keeps the user dry. Reflective markings give the bags high visibility, crucial for sleepers in car parks and doorways. And velcro straps mean that the user can get in and out of the bag easily.

African Union abandons plan to send 5,000 peacekeepers to Burundi

The African Union has abandoned its plan to send 5,000 peacekeepers to help restore stability to troubled Burundi (You can read the story here). Officials said they would instead encourage political dialogue between Burundi's opposing sides. Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza had fiercely opposed the AU plan's to send peacekeepers. His decision last April to seek a third term in office has led to ongoing violence and fears that Burundi is sliding into ethnic conflict. At least 439 people have died and 240,000 have fled abroad since last April, the UN says.
The AU could have deployed troops without Burundi's consent - a clause in its charter allows it to intervene in a member state because of grave circumstances, which include war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity - but it would have been the first time it had done so. Top AU diplomat Ibrahima Fall said such a move would have been "unimaginable".

Scores killed in blasts near Shia Muslim shrine in Damascus

                At least 25 Shia fighters were among the dead             (C)Reuters

Three blasts have killed more than 60 people and wounded at least 40 in Syria's capital Damascus, a monitor said.  The explosions, one of which was caused by a car bomb, occurred near the Shia Muslim shrine of Sayyida Zeinab on Sunday, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The Observatory said several Shia militia fighters were among the dead, adding that the casualty number was expected to rise. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Amaq, a news agency that supports the group. It said two operations "hit the most important stronghold of Shia militias in Damascus".

Friday, 29 January 2016

Can you spot the dog in this picture?

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Teacher sacked for mistakenly projecting porn in class

56 year old Stephen Lawrie

A bungling teacher is to be banned after accidentally broadcasting porn to his horrified students. Stephen Lawrie, 56, mistakenly projected the explicit material to pupils as young as 13 while viewing x-rated websites in class. The IT tutor was sacked and is due to be banned from the profession today, the Daily Record reported. It is understood he did not mean the pupils to see what was on his personal screen at Coatbridge High School in North Lanarkshire . However it was projected on to an interactive “smartboard” used for teaching computing. The school received complaints from a number of pupils after the incident in April.
The teacher was immediately suspended while an investigation was carried out and he was sacked in August. Lawrie accessed the website while teaching an S2 class. He has since consented to his removal from the teaching register, which will bar him from working in classrooms for good. He can only teach again if he applies to be reinstated to the register and is approved by a panel, the Mirror reports.

This picture of a potato was sold for a whooping €1 million!

                                          Potato #345                             (C)KevinAbosch

A renowned celebrity photographer, Kevin Abosch reportedly sold a simple portrait of an organic Irish spud, tagged "Potato #345" , for €1 million ($1.08 million) last year to an European businessman, who saw it while dining at Abosch's Paris home. The 46-year-old Irish visual artist, who typically charges between $150,000 to $500,000 for portraits of famous figures, revealed earlier this month that the sale, brokered over a few glasses of wine, was the biggest of his career.

Gareth Cliff wins lawsuit, to be reinstated as idols judge with immediate effect

Axed Idols judge Gareth Cliff won a mammoth lawsuit against M-Net on Friday, hours before the first auditions for the show were due to start. The celebrity won his bid to be reinstated as a judge of the popular talent scouting show after Judge Caroline Nicholls ruled in the High Court in Johannesburg, News24 reports.
"This is a contractual dispute. The contractual relationship has to be reinstated to what it was. M-Net will pay costs to Gareth Cliff," Nicholls told a packed court. Cliff, dressed smartly in a dark suit, smiled as the ruling, which lasted four minutes, was read out.
Cliff’s removal from the show followed a backlash on Twitter after he commented on a Facebook post by KwaZulu-Natal realtor Penny Sparrow. Sparrow had called black beachgoers monkeys. Cliff then tweeted: “People really don’t understand free speech at all.”
Cliff wanted his job back and R25 million for defamation and breach of contract.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

LA Lakers set to honor Shaquille O'Neal with a statue in front of Staples Center

Shaquille O'Neal, one of the most dominant players in NBA history will now be celebrated outside Staples Center with a big statue. The Los Angeles Lakers announced Wednesday night that they will honor O'Neal with a statue that will be unveiled during the 2016-17 season.
"We look forward to having Shaq join the other legends who have been honored with statues at Staples Center," Jeanie Buss, Lakers president and co-owner, said in a statement. "He is a giant not only in size, but also in stature and in what he accomplished as a Laker. Shaq literally broke the ground for the site, and was hugely responsible for not only getting Staples Center built, but for making it one of the most successful and famous arenas in the world. It's an honor that is well deserved."

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Picture of the week

Nicholas and Rafaela Ordaz of Tracy, California, celebrating 82 years of marriage. Their marriage advice from the eight-decades-long relationship: respect, affection and not sweating the small stuff!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Drunk Kenyan women caught in a fight over a man!

Two drunk women caused a scene in Kiambu, Kenya on Monday when they fought until all clothes were torn, exposing skin to a curious crowd. The incident happened when one of the women, identified as Njoki, realized ,in the middle of a conversation ,that her friend was sleeping with the husband. Njoki never waited to sober up, she started exchanging words with the friend, leading to a fierce fight, which drew a mammoth crowd.
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Picture of the day

Hungry piglets make suckers out of a car driver by stopping for a snack in the middle of the road in Albania

Foster mum jailed for 6 years after shaking baby violently to death

Wendy Hardy

A foster mum has been jailed for killing a 23-month-old baby boy in her care by shaking him to death. Wendy Hardy, 46, assaulted little Harry Aspley just months after she took him into her care in December 2012. Hardy shook Harry violently on March 26, 2013 when she had trouble getting him to eat without vomiting at her home in Stoney Stanton, Leics. Despite the tot suffering massive brain injuries, callous Hardy placed him back in his crib and only called an ambulance when her husband David returned from work two hours later. Harry was rushed to Leicester Royal Infirmary but died of massive brain injuries five days later on April 1, 2013, the Mirror reports.

Emmanuel Adebayo heads to Crystal Palace


Crystal Palace has completed the signing of former Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor on Tuesday. Adebayor was a free agent after leaving Tottenham in September. He visited Palace's training ground for talks on Tuesday before finalising a short-term deal until the end of the season. The deal includes an option for a year-long extension should he impress at Selhurst Park, sources say, and Adebayor has accepted the offer despite initially wanting a long-term contract.
"I chose Palace because my family are happy in London," he told the club's website. "Palace have been playing the football I like and they have a few players who are my friends.
"Hopefully I can bring more experience to Palace and achieve what they want to achieve."

Eritrean Government reportedly orders men to embrace polygamy or face imprisonment.

Based on the law of God in polygamy, and given the circumstances in which the country is experiencing in terms of men shortage, the Eritrean department of Religious Affairs has decided on the following:
First that every man shall marry at least two women and the man who refuses to do so shall be subjected to life imprisonment with hard labour.
The woman who tries to prevent her husband from marrying another wife shall be punished to life imprisonment, states a statement from the government
According to the government, every man should marry as many wives a possible and give birth to as many children as possible so as to fill the deficit caused by the war between the country and Ethiopia. Though majority of men are excited about the order, a few feel it’s against human rights and it interferes with one’s freedom of choice. Several women are also opposed to the idea.

Research shows that one can of fizzy drink a day can cause dangerous fat to wrap around major organs

People who consume sugary drinks are more likely to develop dangerous fat that becomes wrapped around internal organs, new research has warned. Scientists found that those who drank sugar-sweetened drinks every day put on 30 per cent more ‘visceral fat’ than those who never drank them, according to a six-year study. Visceral fat becomes wrapped around major internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines. It increases the risk of heart disease and triggers insulin resistance, a major cause of type two diabetes.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Can you guess which of these hot-dogs is real?

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Pregnant woman are warned against the dangers of going to Rio Olympics 2016

Marilla Lima had Zika virus while pregnant and her son, Arthur, has microcephaly (C)NPR

Pregnant women are being warned not to travel to the Olympics in Brazil after a virus causing thousands of babies to be born with unusually small heads swept through the region. Researchers have linked the rise in Microcephaly, a neurological disorder in which infants are born with smaller craniums and brains, to the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease first seen in Africa in 1947. The outbreak has spread with such speed that the US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now warned pregnant women not to travel to Brazil and 13 other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean - potentially affecting thousands intending to arrive in Rio for the Olympics this August.
Meanwhile, women in Brazil and Colombia have been warned to take precautions against mosquito bites, and other women not to get pregnant until the effect of Zika on unborn children is better understood. But Marcos Espinal, head of the Pan American Health Organization's communicable diseases department, said 'travel restrictions will not stop the spread of Zika' and it is likely to reach throughout Latin America.

Animals too have them!

Omo the white giraffe was been spotted roaming around Tarangire National Park, in Tanzania, along with the rest of her herd - who don't seem to be bothered about her unusual colouring. Picture taken by ecologist Dr Derek Lee, founder and scientist at the Wild Nature Institute.
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Dozens of Chinese restaurants caught seasoning food with opium to 'hook' customers

35 restaurants across China have been found illegally using opium as seasoning in their food, state officials say. Five restaurants are being prosecuted over the findings, whilst 30 more are under investigation, according to the China Food and Drug Administration. The eateries include a popular chain of hot pot restaurants in Beijing. It is unclear how the opium came to enter the food, however, previous cases in China have seen chefs try to ‘hook’ customers on their food through use of the narcotic which can cause serious addiction.
In 2014, a failed drugs test led Shaanxi provincial police to uncover a noodle seller deliberately lacing meals with opium. In 2004, a string of 215 restaurants in the Guizhou region were closed down following similar charges. According to the official news agency Xinhau, poppy powder is available to buy in China at $60 or approximately £42 per kilogram. It is commonly mixed with chilli oil and powders, which make it difficult for authorities to detect, reports Independent.

WHO: Zika virus will likely spread across the Americas

The mosquito-borne Zika virus, which has been linked to brain damage in thousands of babies in Brazil, is likely to spread to all countries in the Americas except for Canada and Chile, the World Health Organization said on Monday, prompting travel warnings. Zika transmission has not yet been reported in the continental United States, although a woman who fell ill with the virus in Brazil later gave birth to a brain-damaged baby in Hawaii. Brazil's Health Ministry said in November that Zika was linked to a fetal deformation known as microcephaly, in which infants are born with smaller-than-usual brains.
Brazil has reported 3,893 suspected cases of microcephaly, the WHO said last Friday, over 30 times more than in any year since 2010 and equivalent to 1-2 percent of all newborns in the state of Pernambuco, one of the worst-hit areas. The Zika outbreak comes hard on the heels of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, demonstrating once again how little-understood diseases can rapidly emerge as global threats.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Real Madrid president bans Christiano Ronaldo from travelling to Morocco to see his ‘boyfriend’

Florentino Perez (left) and Cristiano Ronaldo

According to reports, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has banned Cristiano Ronaldo from traveling to Morocco to see his boy-friend. Ronaldo was banned after remours circulated the media of him having an affair with Morocco kick boxer Badr Hari and his unusual visiting becoming problematic for the Real Madrid hierarchy to manage. Ronaldo regularly escapes to Morocco to see boyfriend Badr Hari, reportedly visiting every afternoon,  leaving after training in the morning and returning to Madrid in the evening. The Portuguese has struggled to consistently find his best form in recent weeks, and Perez has lost his patience, according to Spanish outlet Sport.
Perez has apparently entrusted the help of Moroccan king and friend Mohamed VI to let him know when Ronaldo is in the country. Football is yet to accept Homosexuality, therefore, Cristiano Ronaldo must keep his relationship secret, if not, his career could be ruined if it gets out.
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Mass breakout in Brazil prison as inmates blow up wall

Inmates in one of Brazil's roughest prisons used explosives to destroy a wall and escape en masse into surrounding streets, prompting a frantic manhunt. Media footage of the brazen breakout on Saturday in the northeastern city of Recife showed the blast ripping a hole in the main wall around the Frei Damiao de Bozanno facility. After a cloud of dust and debris clears, a stream of men dressed in ordinary clothing can be seen dashing into the narrow streets before police arrive on the scene.
Forty inmates reportedly escaped from the jail. However, most of the prisoners were captured after a manhunt through local streets lasting several hours, but two were killed and one remains at large. It is the second mass breakout in the area in a week. On Wednesday, 53 men escaped from another jail on the city outskirts and only 13 of them have since been found.

EPL week 23 result

Friday, 22 January 2016

Study shows teens who stay up all night texting are less likely to excel at school

Many teenagers are so attached to their phones – they don’t go to bed without it. And so, they frequently stay up late into the night, texting at all hours. Thus, many of them end up yawning and struggling at school the next day – absolutely exhausted from their nightlong chatting. As a result, teenagers who text late into the night have poorer academic performance and are sleepier at school, a new study revealed. Dr Xue Ming, of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, said: ‘We need to be aware that teenagers are using electronic devices excessively and have a unique physiology.
‘They tend to go to sleep late and get up late.
‘When we go against that natural rhythm, students become less efficient.’

Ex police officer sentenced to 263 years in prison for rape and sexual assaults on women while on duty

                         Daniel Holtzclaw in court                              (C)AP

A judge on Thursday sentenced Daniel Holtzclaw, the former Oklahoma City police officer convicted of raping and sexually assaulting eight different women while on duty, to 263 years in prison – a resounding win for his victims, who had called for Holtzclaw to spend the maximum number of years behind bars. Judge Timothy Henderson read the sentence before a packed courtroom in the Oklahoma County courthouse. Dozens more people were crammed in the hallways and into an overflow room. Several of Holtzclaw’s victims spoke before the ruling, asking the judge to levy a long prison sentence.

Pics: Celine Dion’s husband, René Angélil laid to rest

Celine lays her head on the coffin during the ceremony

Celine Dion led hundreds of mourners in an emotional final farewell to her late husband René Angélil on Friday. The heartbroken singer elegantly dressed in a black full-sleeve dress and a long black veil managed to maintain her composure for the touching ceremony remembering the showbiz manager at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal. She was joined by her three children. Older son René Charles, 14, escorted his elderly grandmother Thérèse, 88, into the service, while Celine walked in gripping the hands of her twin five-year-old sons Nelson and Eddy.
Angélil died of throat cancer at the age of 73 on January 14, 2016. The couple met when she was just 12-years-old when he became her manager - with Angélil mortgaging his home to help her make her first record.
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Psychiatric patient rapes woman waiting to be treated at emergency unit of a Johannesburg hospital


Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu says an investigation is underway into a rape at the South Rand Hospital involving two patients. A 59-year-old man, who was being discharged from the psychiatric ward and was waiting to be collected, allegedly raped a woman who was waiting to be treated at the emergency unit. The woman was lying on a stretcher. Mahlangu said, “He was readmitted and sent to Chris Hani Baragwaneth Hospital because he is not well. He is a psychiatry patient so we’ll get the senior psychiatrists to evaluate him.”

Thursday, 21 January 2016

US implements new visa rules

The Obama administration has tightened travel terms regarding Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan, under rules that will also make travel to the US harder for some Europeans. The rules, which took effect on Thursday, create new visa requirements for dual nationals and anyone who has travelled to those countries in the last five years. Many Europeans enjoy visa-free travel to the US. Should they have dual citizenship or have travelled to Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan, they will require new permits. The new rules, phased in under an anti-terrorism law passed in December, are designed to prevent people radicalized abroad from entering the US.

Police in Tajikistan shaves beards of about 13,000 men in an attempt to curb ‘radicalization’


Police in Tajikistan reportedly shaved beards of nearly 13,000 men and convinced hundreds of women to remove their headscarves( Islamic hijabs), in their attempt to curb radicalization. More than 160 shops selling Muslim clothing have also been shut to end "foreign influences", a term used to describe radical Islam in the country. Shaving beards is part of a government campaign targeting trends that are deemed "alien and inconsistent with Tajik culture".
The government campaign is explained by the need to fight radicalization, amid fears that Central Asia might follow the path of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria towards extremism. Estimates suggest that between 1,500 and 4,000 Central Asians could have joined different Islamist militant groups in Syria, as of June 2015. The move against beards is seen as part of a broader government campaign against the adoption of Islamic cultural practices in Tajik society, and to preserve secular traditions.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Meet the woman that lives with over 1000 rescue cats

Sixty-seven-year-old Lynea Lattanzio now lives in a trailer on her six acre property and allows the cats to run freely through the five bedroom house. She started fostering cats in 1992 and acquired 96 by the end of the year - successfully rehoming all of them. In 1993 she became a veterinary technician to help keep the animals’ medical costs down and the number of cats continued to grow. Today she runs Cat House On The Kings which is California’s largest no-cage, no kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats.
Lynea said: “I’m at the top of the list of eccentric cat ladies - I don’t think there has been anyone who has lived with 28,000 cats in 24 years. That’s probably a record.
“Back then I was single, had no kids and bought this 4,200 square foot home and thought what am I thinking.

Five children found dead in unused freezer

Picture for illustration

The bodies of five children were found in an unused deep freezer in a rural South African town on Wednesday in what the police suspect was tragic end to a game they were playing.  The children, aged between three and seven, were found by their grandmother in a rural agricultural town of Kakamas in the Northern Cape province, police said.
"We do not suspect any foul play at this stage. It is believed the kids were playing when the deep freezer accidentally locked," police spokeswoman Dimakatso Mooi said.

Over 20 dead as gunmen storms Bacha Khan University in Pakistan


At least 21 people have been killed in an attack by gunmen at a university in Pakistan, according to AFP. Four of the attackers are known to have been killed at the campus building in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in the country's northwest. Explosions have been heard inside the building and a major police operation was put in place to tackle those responsible. Militants used the cover of thick, wintry fog to scale the walls of the Bacha Khan University in the town of Charsadda, about 22 miles (30km) from the city of Peshawar. They then went into university buildings and began to open fire on teachers and students in classrooms. The university teaches over 3,000 students and was hosting an extra 600 visitors on Wednesday for a poetry recital, according to its vice chancellor Fazal Rahim.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tanzanian president bans miniskirt in an attempt to curb HIV/AIDS

President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania

Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli has reportedly banned the wearing of miniskirts in the country saying he believes the garments, along with short dresses, encourage the spread of HIV/AIDS. Tanzania Cultural Development Director Herman Mwansoko said all Tanzanian women have three months within which to “get rid of miniskirts for replacement with decent garments.”
This is the latest sweeping move from the strict moralist who recently banned Twerking. Magufuli said the rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner would dilute the much respected African traditional dances. Following his sweeping victory last October, Magufuli has become an international hero due to cost-cutting measures that he introduced across the country.
Earlier this month, Magufuli is said to have ordered that all foreigners, including Kenyans with or without work permits, to relinquish their jobs to the Tanzanians. He also banned issuance of Christmas cards by government officials, saying those who wished to send them out must use their personal resources.

What the color of your vaginal discharge says about your health

Vaginal discharge is a touchy subject for many women, but knowing what to look out for and recognising a change in normal discharge could keep you on the right side of a healthy vagina. It’s important to remember that vaginal discharge, if clear or white is a healthy bodily function. It is one of the ways the body cleanses and protects the sensitive environment of the vagina. The texture may vary depending on where about you are in your ovulation cycle. But any change in color, together with certain other symptoms, is generally indicative of an infection and requires medical attention.
The main culprits for upsetting the delicate internal bacteria balance in the vagina include:
- Antibiotic use
- Contraceptive medications
- Douching
- Diabetes
- Pregnancy
- Stress
- Wearing underwear that is too tight or synthetic

Can you eat this desert? posted by a Reddit user!

Monday, 18 January 2016

EPL week 22 result

Snake invasion forces beach closures in Argentina

An invasion of poisonous snakes washed downriver in recent floods forced authorities to close beaches to summer holidaymakers in northern Argentina, officials said on Monday. Floodwaters in the Rio Plata and Rio Parana carried a species of water lily and with it countless crawling, slithering creatures, south to beaches at the mouths of those rivers near Buenos Aires.
"We are raising awareness of the risk and danger present today. There are otters and species of snakes that are poisonous," said Matias Leyes, an official in the coastal town of Quilmes, south of the capital.
"The beaches of Quilmes have been closed as a precaution. We were cleaning up the coast during the week and while doing so we saw the snakes under the water lilies."

Hoverboard explodes and sets house on fire, nearly killing 3 children

The living room where the hoverboard exploded

Three children were nearly killed after a hoverboard exploded and set fire to a house in Bradford, West Yorkshire. It was only thanks to the quick thinking of one of them, 13-year-old Jibril Muhammed Faris, that they were saved.
Jibril was playing at his nine-year-old friend Tony Chiem's house in St Mary's Drive, Wyke, when the hoverboard began to smoke before exploding in the living room. The hoverboard had been recently plugged into the socket to charge but once remove it began to smoke and eventually caught fire just before 9pm on January 16. As smoke filled the room and the flames grew bigger, Jibril managed to first rescue his friend's eight-year-old sister Karen Chiem, who suffered an injury to her foot, from the blaze to the safety of the upstairs bedroom. Jibril attempted to get out of the front door but the smoke prevented him from being able to find the key to open the door, forcing him to go upstairs.

Only in Australia!


Eric Holland from Sydney, Australia spotted this five-foot goanna  scaling the wall of his house and he captured a photo!

14 major signs that show you are in a healthy relationship

You Speak Your Mind
Relationships thrive when couples can express themselves freely and honestly. That means no topic is off-limits, and you both feel heard. Consistent communication is vital to building a lasting life together.

You Have Your Own Space
Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you have to spend every moment together. Taking time to pursue your own interests and friendships keeps your relationship fresh and gives you both the opportunity to grow as individuals—even while you’re growing as a couple.

You Fight
Disagreements are normal, so if you aren’t fighting, chances are you’re holding back. But when people in healthy relationships fight, they fight productively and fairly. That means avoiding name-calling or put-downs. It also means striving to understand your partner instead of trying to score points. And when you’re wrong? You apologize.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Pics: Fake coca-cola factory discovered in Pakistan

The factory was said to be discovered during a raid by Additional District Collector Gujranwala Rafaqat Ali Niswana along with District Food Authority in Baig Pur, Pakistan on special direction of DCO Gujranwala, Muhammad Aamir Jan. Hazardous and dangerous chemicals, food colors and flavors were being used in the factory to manufacture different drinks like Coke, Sprite and Dew. Four people were arrested and handed over to police and FIR was also lodged against the owners of the fake Coke factory. This fake factory was supplying the fake drinks in different areas of Lahore, Sheikhupora and Gujranwala. Samples were taken and factory sealed.
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A school actually asked students to learn these words in preparation for SATS


This is supposed to be a spelling exercise for year six pupils in preparation for their SATS exams. A horrified mum made the tweet of the homework which contains quite obvious mistakes. The exercise littered with errors prompted irritation and anger from parents online

LOL: Woman who lost the key to her chastity belt had to call on fire brigade for help

A middle-aged woman from Padua, Italy, was forced to beg for help when she lost the keys to her chastity belt. Fire crews at first thought she had lost the keys to her house and began asking where she lived. It was only when she pulled up her jumper to reveal the belt that they understood her embarrassing predicament. The woman, who cannot be named under Italian privacy law, told the firemen: 'I've lost the keys and can no longer open it.' Fire crews asked if she had been forced to wear the belt by someone else or if she was a victim of domestic violence. But she told them she had simply worn it to stop herself getting into a sexual relationship!
Chastity belts were popular during the Renaissance and historically used to stop the wearer from having sex or to protect them from rape. It is believed they were first used during the Crusades when knights leaving for the Holy Lands asked their wives to wear them to stop them straying.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Tips for losing weight: Using a smaller plate 'reduces consumption by 30%'!

Scientists have revealed that when it comes to weight loss, it’s not just what you eat, but also what plates you use. Smaller plates lead to lower portion sizes and help curb overeating. Reducing the diameter of a plate by 30 per cent halves the area of the plate – again reducing consumption by 30 per cent. But, using small plates is most effective if diners are self-serving their portions, according to Cornell Food and Brand Lab scientists. Study co-author Natalina Zlatevska of Bond University said: ‘Just changing to smaller plates at home can help reduce how much you serve yourself and how much you eat.’
There have been more than 50 studies that examine whether or not small plates help in portion control. But until now, there was little consensus on the effect of smaller plates. Some scientists found that smaller plates reduce consumption – while others did not. The team of researchers analysed all of the prior research together.

Man fatally shot wife after argument over coffee maker

Larry Lotz, 65 (left) and Karen Lotz
A domestic spat over a coffee machine turned fatal Friday, leaving an Illinois woman dead and her "adoring" husband behind bars, charged with first-degree murder and held on $3 million bail, prosecutors said. Larry Lotz, 65, snapped after his wife, Karen, admonished him for leaving the coffee maker turned on in the couple’s Barrington, Ill., home, according to police reports. After the argument, Larry Lotz walked out of the kitchen and into his home office, where he grabbed a .45-caliber handgun, Assistant State’s Attorney Chris Corbin told the Chicago Tribune. When Karen Lotz followed him into the office, Larry Lotz fired four shots at his wife, striking her three times — including once in the head, Corbin said.

Taiwan gets first female president

59-year-old Tsai Ing-wen

Ms Tsai, 59, leads the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that wants independence from China. In her victory speech, she vowed to preserve the status quo in relations with China, adding Beijing must respect Taiwan's democracy and both sides must ensure there are no provocations. China sees the island as a breakaway province - which it has threatened to take back by force if necessary. In her speech, Ms Tsai hailed a "new era" in Taiwan and pledged to co-operate with other political parties on major issues. The will of the Taiwanese people would be the basis for relations with China, Ms Tsai said.

Double tragedy for Celine Dion as she loses 59-year-old brother to cancer

Daniel Dion, brother to Celine Dion, has died at age 59 of cancer. The news comes just two days after Celine Dion lost her husband, René Angélil, to throat cancer at the age of 73.
"Battling cancer for a few years, it's in the uttermost discretion and surrounded by his family that Daniel Dion, 59, died today, January 16," reads a statement about his death, printed in full by People. "He was the eighth child of Thérèse and Adhémar Dion, brother of Céline."
"His last days were in the wonderful care of the doctors and personnel at Maison Adhémar-Dion, a palliative care center in Terrebonne Québec. For those wishing to send flowers, a donation to that organization would be very much appreciated."

Friday, 15 January 2016

LUTH confirms a case of Lassa fever in Lagos

Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, has confirmed a case of Lassa fever in the state which  involves a 25-year-old student from the Ahmadu Bello University. The patient is said to have been admitted first at a private hospital in Ojokoro area of Lagos State. According to the Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, the patient is responding to treatment. The death of a Lassa Fever victim at the National Hospital in Abuja, the nation’s capital, had brought the total number of deaths to 43 in the country, from 10 states.
Announcing the death at the National Hospital on Wednesday, the Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole, called on Health workers at all levels to be more vigilant and look out for patients with symptoms of Lassa Fever.